Why buy used?

used cars

When you’re buying a car, the first question to ask yourself is: New or Used? You’ll be happy to know that now is a good time to buy either. So, your decision may just come down to budget, in which case, buying a used car would be the better option.

Buying a used car get you the most vehicle for your money. There are only a few new models priced under $10,000, but at Mama’s Used Cars in Charleston, we have several options. Where a new car priced under that amount will likely get you a manual coupe, it won’t be a sporty new Porsche. Rather, it’s likely to be a compact car without power locks or windows, air conditioning, or good safety features.

Many used cars that are only three or four years old offer great fuel economy and are loaded with standard features for a fraction of the price. In fact, a growing trend are certified pre-owned cars that often come with a warranty and thorough inspection, meaning you won’t have to worry about surprise maintenance costs.

Another advantage to buying a used car is the increased choice. There are simply more used cars available on dealership lots. With the economy still uneasy, manufacturers are hesitant to produce too many new cars. At the same time, some consumers have the stability to purchase new cars, leaving an increasing number of used cars available for purchase.

If you’re in the market for a used car, stop by Mama’s Used Cars in Charleston, South Carolina!

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