Solving Headlight Problems (Part 2)


(Photo courtesy puuikibeach via Flickr)

(Photo courtesy puuikibeach via Flickr)


Last week, we discussed what to do if the headlights on your car appear “foggy” due to condensation in the lens. This week we look at cloudiness and how to fix it.

If you’re driving an older used car, chances are your headlights do not appear as bright as they once did. Plastic or polycarbonate headlight lenses oxidize over time resulting in the cloudy appearance. Numerous factors add to the cloudiness including sunlight, acid rain and chemicals used to melt ice. Dirt can also get caught in scratches caused by gravel and debris. Continue reading

Solving Headlight Problems (Part 1)

Headlight, fix, crack, foggy

Headlights are an essential safety features on vehicles. Not only do they help you, the driver, see where you are going, they help other drivers see you! It is important to check that lights are in prime condition, so here are some fixes for common headlight problems. Continue reading