Solving Headlight Problems (Part 1)

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Headlights are an essential safety features on vehicles. Not only do they help you, the driver, see where you are going, they help other drivers see you! It is important to check that lights are in prime condition, so here are some fixes for common headlight problems.

Foggy Headlights
A headlight will appear “foggy” when moisture collects on the inside of the lens, typically due to a crack on the lens, and is then warmed up either by the headlamp or sunlight. A properly-functioning headlight vents the moisture to equalize pressure and temperature, so light condensation should be expected. However, if the fogginess gets worse or does not go away or water is pooling at the bottom, they will need to be repaired.

Consult your local service center and car manual for solutions. To repair yourself, first remove the light and separate the bulb and lens from the housing. Pour out any water and clean the housing and lens. Check that vents are clear and functioning properly, dry everything, and finally re-install. If the problem continues, there is likely a crack or hole. If so, purchase a new headlamp and replace the current one.

Check back for Part 2 on repairing headlight problems!

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