A Lego Car That Runs On Air? Welcome to the New Age

LEGO car

You read that correctly. There now exists a car made of Legos that doesn’t use gas, doesn’t use electricity, and doesn’t even use water. Nope, all it needs is the good, old air we breathe. And it wasn’t made by Ford or General Motors and not even by Toyota. It was made by some twenty-year-old in Romania with a big dream (and some help from 40 financial backers in Australia).

Raul Oaida, with the help of some Australian he met online (Steve Sammartino), was able to fund his entire project with a single tweet. That’s right, Oaida and Sammartino crowd sourced the funds for their project by taking to Twitter with one message, 140 characters or less, obtaining $500 from each of 40 Australian investors.

The most shocking part? Not only did he not guarantee any revenue to the investors, he also did not even state what was to come of the project. Oaida just called it the “Super Awesome Micro Project” and promised investors they would benefit from having their names attached to the project.

“The three CEOs from the largest car companies in Detroit hopped on private jets, no less, to fly down to Congress to beg Washington for money because they don’t know what the future looks like,” Sammartino stated during the “Beers, Blokes & Business” podcast in Australia about the pitch for his and Oaida’s project. “Here we are, 40 people from Melbourne, nonmillionaires, investing in a genius kid in Romania to build an eco-friendly car using Internet tools that didn’t exist 10 years ago. Boom, baby! That’s the future.”

So will the future really consist of air-powered cars made of 500,000 Lego pieces? Not likely, but Oaida is putting us on the right track in terms of alternative fuel. His concept, which is fully drivable (no joke—check out the video below), can only reach about 20 mph, and is likely lacking in just about every safety feature we’ve come to rely on. The concept is promising, however. Maybe in the next decade or so, you’ll be seeing an air-powered car here at Mama’s Used Cars. (Let’s just hope it’s made with something sturdier than Legos.)

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