How to Get Ready for Road Trips

The summer months are here, with children being released from school for summer break, families gearing up to take vacations, and friends preparing for summer road trips. If you’ll be hitting the road this summer for long hours in the hot weather, you will want to make sure you and your vehicle are prepared. Here’s a guide on how to get ready for road trips.

  • Perform all routine maintenance before setting out: Before setting out on your road trip adventure, you will want to get an oil change and make sure you have appropriate fluid levels across the board. Coolant will keep your air conditioning running, and windshield wiper fluid will keep your visibility up.
  • Check your tires: Although a seemingly simple part of your vehicle, tires are incredibly important. They influence efficiency, traction, and control and overall handling. Check that your tires aren’t too worn, check their pressure, and have them rotated if you have to take your car in for an oil change.
  • Have a plan: To maximize everyone’s safety and comfort on the road, make sure you have a driving plan, maps to keep you on track, and entertainment options. If you rely on GPS navigation on your smartphone, have a charging cable and perhaps a phone mount for your windshield for convenient and safe navigation. Download your favorite playlists and podcasts or bring your favorite CDs to jam out to during the long drive.
  • Be prepared for setbacks and/or emergencies: It’s our worst nightmare: your car breaking down away from home. Just in case, keep your cell phone charged if you need to call for help and set up accommodations for the night, have extra water in the car, and be prepared to improvise if necessary.

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