New Year’s Resolutions for Your Driving Habits

Every year, millions of Americans make New Year’s resolutions so they can jump into the coming year strong and focused. We think it’s a great idea to extend such resolutions to your driving habits. Here are some New Year’s resolutions we suggest to make your driving even more safe and efficient next year.

  • Be timely: Rushing through your life is never the best idea, and that includes rushing to drive somewhere. This adds stress to your day makes you less careful. This year, slow down and try to leave early so you can arrive on time without the haste.
  • Don’t use your phone while driving: Luckily, recent innovations in vehicle technology make it so you’re never tempted to touch your phone while driving, but some of us still retain the bad habit of checking our phones. This year, commit to not touching your phone while driving.
  • Increase your efficiency: Change your driving habits to be more efficient, such as reducing sudden acceleration and staying near the speed limit. You will save money on fuel that way. It also makes your ride a little more eco-conscious, which is an added benefit.
  • Stay up to date on car maintenance: Having your vehicle routinely serviced is the best way to preserve your vehicle in the long term, so stay on top of routine car maintenance this year.

These steps can help you reach your other New Year’s goals,whether it’s arriving at the gym on time or decreasing the stress in your life.Mama’s Used Cars can help reduce your stress by providing you with a reliable,affordable car.

New Years

St. Patrick’s Day in Charleston

St. Patrick’s Day celebrations originally began as a religious feast day, but have quickly become a full-on celebration of Irish culture. Communities around the United States, including Charleston, South Carolina, put on an event that attracts visitors from around the state. The feast day has a long, interesting history and there’s nothing quite like a St. Patrick’s Day in Charleston.

St. Patrick, born to a Roman-British army officer, was kidnapped as a child and sold into slavery in Ireland. He spent several years in prison before receiving a message from God. Shortly after, he escaped and made a journey to France where he joined a monastery. After 12 years in training, he returned to Ireland to convert the population, establish monasteries and schools, and preach to the masses.

Four-leaf clovers on the forest floor

St. Patrick’s Day

Judging by the widespread celebration of Irish culture, St. Patrick was successful in his efforts. While the legends surrounding the saint, who was likely born around the year 400, continue to grow, so do the celebrations of Irish culture.

The St. Patrick’s Parade and Block Party brings in hundreds of thousands of visitors every year. Three stages of live music, street vending, local vendors, and a Kid’s Zone make Charleston a great place to celebrate Irish culture with the masses.

We here at Mama’s Used Cars hope to see you at the St. Patrick’s Day celebration!

Things to Do in Charleston This Christmastime

Looking for some thematic events to get you into the holiday spirit? Look no further than these top-notch things to do in Charleston this Christmastime.


The Holiday Festival of Lights

Holiday Festival of Lights Charleston

Going strong for 27 year and many more to come, this festival has been recognized worldwide as one of the best of its kind. Visit the James Island County Park, park your car and enjoy a stroll like no other. For three miles you can take in an amazing site of over 700 beautiful and unique light displays. You can also enjoy sand sculptures, a Victorian carousel and a treat from Santa’s Sweet Shoppe.


Groovy Kinda Christmas

Music Performance Charleston Christmas

Get the friends together for a night out. Live entertainment at the 34 West Theatre will have you singing along to Christmas classics and the best of the 1960s. Drinks and snacks will be available for purchase.


Holiday Pub Crawl

Pub Crawl Charleston Christmastime

This annual tour brings together holiday spirit and holiday spirits in one neat package. A two and a half hour tour will stop at four historic pubs and taverns in Charleston. Each stop allows participants a chance to taste local craft beers or holiday concoctions along with hors d’oeuvres and sweet treats. Learn about Charleston history along the way as a tour guide tells tales of pirates, patriots and everything in between.

Did You Know: Christmas is a Good Time to Purchase Used Vehicles

close up of father and daughter with gift boxThe month of December isn’t just ideal for snagging deals on candy canes and snow shovels. Christmastime is actually one of the best times to purchase used vehicles. If the thought of replacing your current car has been on the back-burner, you may want to push it to the top of the list. Buy a used car now versus in the spring, and you could save some serious cash.

This is all according to a study done by the automotive website CarGurus. The demand for cars is lower during the holiday season. The lots are cold and most people are preoccupied with baking cookies, sipping eggnog and wrapping gifts. Thanks to this detail, the price drop. According to the study by CarGurus, car prices hit their lowest average between Thanksgiving and the first week in January. Come the New Year and the era of resolutions, prices rise apace.

So, if a new-to-you car lies in your near future, your smartest move is to buy now. And shop used. Used cars are already a great deal because of the amount of value you can get at a much lower price than new. Add to that the fact that prices are lower than ever this month, and you’ve got a deal even the Grinch couldn’t refuse.

Find the Right Mother’s Day Automotive Gift Ideas

Mother’s Day automotive gift ideas

Mother’s Day is right around the corner on May 8, making now one of the last chance’s you will have to find mom the right gift. Although you might think automotive gifts are better suited for Father’s Day, there are plenty of Mother’s Day automotive gift ideas out there that any mom would love to have.

According to Autozone, you can’t go wrong with electronics. Does your mom love listening to music in the car? Consider buying her a new stereo system. A range of brands are available on the market, with features like AUX/USB inputs to allow your mom to plug in her own music from her iPod or iPhone.

Talking on the cell phone and driving can be dangerous—that’s why you should consider buying mom a Bluetooth headset. These great gifts are compact and easy to install, letting you mom talk on the phone with a hands-free device. Bluetooth connectivity is only available on certain new cars; however, you can also install a Bluetooth system if you wish.

Getting stranded with a dead battery is the worst. That’s why a jump starter pack is a great gift. Your mom can simple hook this device up to her car and get going in no time. Although this gift will only be used once in a blue moon, she’ll be glad she has it when she needs it.

Pamper Your Car on Valentine’s Day

pamper your car

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, which if you’re single may mean you are more aware of this than many of your friends who actually have a significant other. But, even if you do celebrate February 14th as Singles Awareness Day, you can still show some love to a very important “person” in your life—your car.

Just think about how much you appreciate your car—it gets you to wherever you need to go, gives you some great entertainment, and keeps you cool, comfortable, and safe on your travels.

Here are a few suggestions on how to pamper your car this Valentine’s Day.

  • Make it feel beautiful. Give your car a good wash, inside and out. You can even let your car spend a day at the “spa” by getting a professional detailing.
  • Fall in love again. Remember how excited you were when you first purchased your car. You probably couldn’t wait to sign those papers and take it out for a long drive. Reignite that spark by heading out on a long road trip just so you can enjoy driving again.
  • Clear up any contention. If your car has been giving you trouble in certain areas—any squeaks, stalls, funny sounds, or behaving strangely—take it in for a checkup and let a service professional give your car a good tune up.

Will you be taking care of your car this Valentine’s Day?