Best Used Cars This Season

Market Watch Shares List of Best Used Cars

Best Used Cars

The Honda Pilot, Chevy Traverse, and Ford Edge are three of the vehicles on the Best Used Cars list.


If you’re looking for a new vehicle this holiday season, you’re looking in the wrong place. Let me explain: you should be looking for a used car, not a new car. With the new car market surging, trade-ins are flooding used dealers’ inventory. This increase in inventory forces used car prices down as dealers try to move the extra product.

How do you know where to start when looking for a used car, though? Market Watch is here to help you—they’ve put together a list of the ten cars that are your best bets at a used car dealer this year. If you’re looking for a sedan, look for a Honda Civic, Hyundai Sonata, or Chevrolet Impala, all of which make the list. If you need an SUV instead, the experts recommend something like the Toyota RAV4 or Ford Edge. Finally, if you’re looking on the premium end of the used car market, there’s no better buy than the BMW 3 Series. You can check Market Watch’s full list for more information.

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