Popularity of Used Cars is Higher than Ever

popularity of used cars

Used cars are poised to sell better than ever in 2016, largely because consumers are realizing just how affordable a used car can be. The popularity of used cars is likely on the rise due to multiple factors, from less spending money to brand exclusivity among other things.

According to Edmunds, one major factor is that since 2015, brands have been significantly increasing the cost of their new cars. Buying a used car lets you save up to 30% of the initial cost, even if a model is only a year or two old. Demand drives cost up—waiting a little while means less demand and less overall cost.

“The market is flush with off-lease vehicles that are coming back to dealerships,” reads the Used Vehicle Market Report. “Most former rentals are concentrated within the segments of midsize car, compact car, subcompact car and larger car and are often distinctly different in terms of content and mileage from off-lease or consumer trade-ins,” the report said. “Based on the influx of this inventory and the expectation of low gas prices, Edmunds predicts that average prices will continue to fall for these segments.”

The growth of car-rental agencies and leasing is also making used cars more available. Such agencies get rid of cars after a few years, flooding the market with affordable used cars. Plus, most people have less cash than normal due to hard economic times, making financing easier for used vehicle buyers. These are just some of the reasons you might also consider buying a used car today.

Find the Right Mother’s Day Automotive Gift Ideas

Mother’s Day automotive gift ideas

Mother’s Day is right around the corner on May 8, making now one of the last chance’s you will have to find mom the right gift. Although you might think automotive gifts are better suited for Father’s Day, there are plenty of Mother’s Day automotive gift ideas out there that any mom would love to have.

According to Autozone, you can’t go wrong with electronics. Does your mom love listening to music in the car? Consider buying her a new stereo system. A range of brands are available on the market, with features like AUX/USB inputs to allow your mom to plug in her own music from her iPod or iPhone.

Talking on the cell phone and driving can be dangerous—that’s why you should consider buying mom a Bluetooth headset. These great gifts are compact and easy to install, letting you mom talk on the phone with a hands-free device. Bluetooth connectivity is only available on certain new cars; however, you can also install a Bluetooth system if you wish.

Getting stranded with a dead battery is the worst. That’s why a jump starter pack is a great gift. Your mom can simple hook this device up to her car and get going in no time. Although this gift will only be used once in a blue moon, she’ll be glad she has it when she needs it.