The Best Music Venues in Charleston

music venues in Charleston SCIf you are a live music fan and you just happen to live in Charleston, you must consider yourself the luckiest person in the world. There are so many great music venues in Charleston, each providing a stage for a diverse array of artists. Here are some of our favorites…

Silver Dollar – 478 King St.

Featuring a strong college bar vibe, people here love live music. The Silver Dollar hosts live shows almost every night of the week.

Music Farm – 32 Ann St.

This is a great middle-of-the-road venue; that is, not too big and not too small. Great sound with a nice bar, you can see such diverse acts as Waka Flocka and Cracker.

Charleston Music Hall – 37 John St.

Everything from screening music documentaries to featuring brilliant music artists like Aaron Neville and Gregg Allman, the Charleston Music Hall is a wonderful venue. It features fantastic sound and acoustics.

Circular Congregational Church – 150 Meeting St.

The church features an astounding musical production called From Gospel to Gershwin. It pulls together elements from jazz, gospel, Gershwin, Gullah, spirituals, Civil War songs—all of the music that defined the area over the years.

5 Ways to Determine Which Vehicle Is Right For You

what kind of vehicle should I buy

As you go on your next car-buying adventure, you may realize that you are unsure of what kind of vehicle to choose from. We’ll try to help out by giving you some of the advantages and disadvantages of each major kind of vehicle.

Sedans: Like most kinds of vehicles, sedans have a huge spectrum. But most of them are going to focus on sizable interior space, comfort, efficiency and technology. Obviously, they make great family vehicles.

Coupes: These two-door vehicles are designed for driving. They typically feature bigger or at least faster engines than sedans. Coupes usually sit somewhere between sedans and sports cars.

Trucks: We all know the obvious benefits of trucks—there’s a huge bed to put stuff in! But trucks are also made for towing. This means they have large engines and strong brake systems. This doesn’t mean trucks have to be austere. Many are just as comfortable and tech-savvy as sedans.

SUV/Crossovers: These kinds of vehicles usually offer all of the trappings of a sedan with more interior space and often times a bigger engine. Crossovers are the most popular kinds of vehicles on the road.

Compact/Subcompact: Just as you might think, the focus with compact and subcompact vehicles is efficiency. They are smaller in stature and feature smaller engines that many times allow hybrid-like fuel economy numbers.

Deciding what kind of vehicle you want can really help you narrow down your vehicle search!