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Used GMC Sierra 1500 Overview

2011 GMC Sierra HD - 2500 HD SLE Front Angle - Used GMC SierraThe ever-popular GMC Sierra 1500 has for a long time been a standout in the pickup truck segment. Historically used by farmers, small-business owners, and construction workers under the GMC 1500 name, and lauded for its durability, longevity, and sheer strength, the pickup has over time been diversified to fit the needs of the everyday American. Now called the GMC Sierra 1500, the truck comes in a variety of trims levels, body styles, and powertrains to serve the specific needs of each individual driver, whether it is a fisherman hauling a boat or a mother taking her kids to the drive-in.

Known for their dependability for hard work in the past, the focus for the newer generation of Sierra has been a more advanced, luxurious-looking, technologically-advanced, and ergonomic cabin, while still maintaining its legendary reliability at work. GMC has delivered, offering a truck worthy of praise for its hard work and its comfortable ride.

Over the years, the GMC Sierra 1500 has seen several changes, but at the core of every year’s model is a powerful engine delivering the horsepower needed to get any job done. In fact, Edmunds has praised the Sierra 1500 for its “strong performance, a refined and quiet ride (even with the heavy-duty towing package) and a comfortable, sensible cabin.” No matter the model year, the Sierra is always the truck to get the job done, whether that job is towing thousands and thousands of pounds or just getting your kid to the dentist and back before your lunch break is over.