White is the most popular car color worldwide

The most popular car colors for 2012 have been released by PPG Industries, the world’s leading manufacturer of transportation coatings. “White” topped the list globally with 22 percent of purchased vehicles being that color. This marks the second year in a row “white” has been ranked number one after beating out “silver” in 2010.

The rest of the worldwide rankings were silver in second with 20 percent, black with 19 percent, gray with 12 percent, red with nine percent, natural (beige or tan) with eight percent, blue with seven percent, and green with two percent. Color rankings differed by geographic location. In North America, the order was white (21 percent), black (19 percent), silver and gray (16 percent), red (10 percent), blue (eight percent), natural (seven percent), and green (three percent).

“Color is one of the first characteristics noticed in product design, and it is increasingly being used in everyday items, from cell phones to large appliances, based largely on automotive trends,” said Jane E. Harrington, PPG manager, color styling, automotive OEM (original equipment manufacturer) coatings.

The survey also found metal shades like gold, copper and bronze were increasing in popularity and that an increasing number of consumers want a wider range of exterior color options.

“Our consumer research has clearly shown that color is critically important to car buyers,” Harrington said. ““The palette being developed for the automotive segment continues to be influenced by culture, nature, fashion, interior design, color popularity and new pigment technology.”

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