When to Sell Your Used Car

When to Sell Your Used Car

It’s that time of year again—carmakers are rolling out their brand new models and it’s making you wonder if it’s time for you to finally sell your old car. If you’re having difficulty deciding on when to sell your used car, we have some tips for you that are sure to make it a bit easier in the long run! You should sell your used car…

Before your car hits a significant mileage amount. The amount of mileage that your car has can greatly affect the price you will get when you sell. For some odd reason, a car with 195,000 miles sells for more than a car with 200,001.

If your car is more than one generation behind the current model. Every few years, models are completely redesigned as they enter a new generation. If your car’s model is about to come out with a second new design, it’s likely that your style will begin to look really old in comparison. Try and sell your car before a new style comes out.

After a decade has passed since it was new. Remember when you first bought your 2000 model and it felt brand new? Now, it probably feels decrepit compared to the current models that are full of cutting-edge technologies and luxurious features. While it’s a great idea to hold onto your car as long as possible, selling it after the 10-year-mark is usually the best idea if you want to get a decent amount of money for your vehicle.

If you take these tips on when to sell your used car into consideration, it’s likely you will get the best deal possible. To get a great trade-in deal or to purchase your next used car, make sure you stop in to Mama’s Used Cars today!

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