Used Car Prices Remain Low Heading into 2015

Used Car Prices Remain Low Heading into 2015

Used Car Prices Remain Low Heading into 2015 – This 2013 Ford Edge is available at Mama’s Used Cars!

If your New Year’s Resolution was to get yourself or your family a new vehicle, then make sure to check out the used car market. As you know, you can buy a year-old model for a steep discount compared to how much the newest model would cost. Plus, used car prices continue to fall here in the early days of 2015. In fact, there were eight straight months of falling used car prices at the end of 2014, culminating in December, when prices were lower than ever.

You’ll find low prices especially in full-line automakers like Ford, Dodge, Hyundai, Volkswagen, Buick, and more. Our advice: maybe avoid the luxury brands right now. Obviously, the used models are still cheaper than the new models, but luxury car prices keep rising even while the rest of the used car market sees huge price drops.

To learn more about the used car market—and to check out some of these low prices we just mentioned, come see us here at Mama’s Used Cars and check out our inventory. We’re sure there is something for you here, no matter who you are and what your needs, and it’s a lot cheaper than usual—so come see us right away.

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