Time for Spring Cleaning

How to Clean and Detail Your Car

Spring Cleaning Car

With the arrival of Spring this week, we’re only thinking one thing: Spring Cleaning! But it doesn’t stop with your house. Use these tips to have your used car looking like it just came back from the professionals.

  1. Carpets: Use stiff scrub brushes and compressed air to clean your carpets. Use the air to blow out dirt from small places and the brushes to loosen the dirt. Then, vacuum everything up.
  2. Vents: Use a small air compressor to blow dirt and dust out of the heat and air-conditioning vents. You can also change the cabin air filter to keep that “new car” smell.
  3. Tires: Use a non-acid-based tire cleaner to remove stubborn residue like brake dust. Those with an acidic base can damage wheels with clear coatings or paint.
  4. Body: AFTER you clean the tires, give your car a nice hand wash. Avoid using dishwashing detergent because it can strip protective wax coatings which increase the likelihood of scratches and stains. Instead, use a carwash solution. After, use a rubber-blade squeegee to dry the surface.
  5. Paint: Clean stuck-on grime from paint by using paint cleaners or paint-cleaning clay that has been soaked with liquid cleaner wax.
  6. Polish: Smooth the surface of the paint by using polish. This improves the shine and makes your car look newer.
  7. Wax: Waxing replaces the clear coat that your car initially came with. Over time, that clear coat wears off and needs to be replaced. In-between full wax services, use a liquid spray wax to touch up spots.
  8. Glass: Use a glass cleaner without ammonia to clean the car’s windows. Buff with a microfiber cloth.

While these Spring cleaning tips may seem easy, do be sure to see a professional if the damage is serious, for example, when a scratch in the paint requires sanding and a pinstripe brush. Contact Mama’s Used Cars for more information about professional services.

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