Car Maintenance Tips

Depending on the age and durability of the vehicle, used cars need a certain level of maintenance in order to receive the highest efficiency from it.  Here are several car maintenance tips that will keep your used car running up to par.

Wheels and tires

  • Rotate tires every 5,000 miles
  • Clean brake dust off regularly with a damp sponge and cold water
  • Check tire pressure frequently to optimize fuel economy, handling and comfort
  • Check tread depth and replace bald tires to prevent possible accidents


  • Check the belts
    • Get timing belt and accessory drive belt checked every 25,000 miles
    • Preferably replacing it every 50,000 miles
  • Check oil level
    • Engine problems can arise if oil level is too high or to low
    • Pull out dipstick and wipe it clean
    • Enter it back into the tube, pull it back out and compare the line of oil to the high and low markings on the dipstick
  • Check Coolant level
    • Check level relative to the low and high markings on the reservoir.
    • Reservoir is usually a white/transparent bottle on one side of the engine or check the manual if applicable


  • Try and fuel the car with the recommended fuel.  If regular is recommended, then use regular.  If premium is recommended for the car, it may be more expensive to fill up, but may save the vehicle problems in the long run


  • Do not touch glass when changing headlight bulbs.  Traces of oil and dust may get on glass.  When in use, the glass gets hotter than the rest of the bulb.  The traces may cause the bulb to crack