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Safest Used Cars

Safe Drivers Are Happy Drivers

One of the great advantages of shopping for a used car is saving tons of money on a great vehicle. But just because a vehicle sports a cheaper price tag doesn’t mean it’s going to be a death trap. Here at Mama’s Used Cars, we strive to fill our inventory with the safest used cars on the market—and sell those great vehicles to you at affordable prices.

The safest used vehicles tend to be mid-size and full-size vehicles, which gives even more credence to the SUV and crossover boom of the last few years. According to a safety study released by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, vehicles like the Honda Odyssey, Subaru Legacy, and Toyota Highlander all scored a death rate of zero. You can’t get much safer than that.

If you’re looking for a more upscale vehicle, the Audi A4, Volvo XC90, and Mercedes-Benz GL class also recorded death rates of zero. “The rise in the number of vehicles with zero driver deaths shows what’s possible,” said David Zuby, the IIHS executive vice president. Come see us at Mama’s Used Cars and find your next car, a car that will keep you and everyone around you safe for years to come.

Safest Cars for Teenagers

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Safest used cars for teen drivers are found at Mama’s Used Cars!

Top Five Safest Cars for Teenage Drivers

When you purchase your teenager’s first car, not only do you want to ensure that your vehicle is reliable, but you also want to ensure your child will remain safe out on the road. To make the choice of vehicle easier for you, Mama’s Used Cars has compiled a list of the safest cars for teenage drivers. The cars on our list combine the ability to handle well in emergency maneuvers with a variety of safety features that are sure to keep your teenager safer than any other vehicle.

2009-2012 Chevrolet Malibu

The Chevrolet Malibu is comfortable, quiet, and offers a simple, yet sophisticated interior that is sure to appeal to drivers of any age. Responsive handling and precise steering makes it easy to stay in control of the car, while the straightforward controls ensure your teens won’t be distracted when fiddling with the radio.

2009-2011 Ford Focus

Not only does the Focus offer a compact size, but it is also fun to drive. The vehicle offers both a good view down the road and amazing, hands-free connectivity options. It also gets a respectful 29 mpg combined, making it easy for your teenager to afford gas!

2010-2012 Ford Fusion

If you are looking for a roomy interior with simple controls, the Fusion is your number one pick. It offers responsive handling and Sync Bluetooth connectivity with voice commands. This means your teen won’t have to take his or her hands off the wheel or eyes off the road.

2006-2014 Hyundai Sonata

Comfort, silence, and luxury are the three words that come to mind with the Hyundai Sonata. Not only does the Sonata have a soft ride, but it also offers soft seats and straightforward controls. If you are looking to spoil your teen without going too overboard, the Sonata is your top choice!

2010-2011 Kia Soul

Funky styling, fuel efficiency, and a fun-to-drive ride are all aspects of the Kia Soul that make it the perfect car for a teenager. The safety features are abundant, as well, with Kia’s UVO connection system enabling hands-free calling and the upright driving position offering a clear view of the road.

If you are interested in checking out the top five safest cars for teenage drivers, don’t hesitate to stop in to Mama’s Used Cars today!

Great Used Luxury Car Options under $30,000

If you’re starting to think about purchasing your next vehicle, whether it’s a reward for finishing the first half of a great year or you’re looking to upgrade your family’s ride, don’t overlook the used car market. While the new car market has finally picked up the pace this year, the used car market has simply been on fire for a long time now. So, when you start looking around for that new vehicle, make sure to come check out our inventory here at Mama’s Used Cars.

It’s’ not like our lineup is full of clunkers, either. The Street recently released a list of great used luxury car options, many of which are available here at Mama’s and all of which are currently priced at under $30,000. Jason Notte explains some of the advantages of buying a used luxury car: “The price is a fairly obvious lure, but so is the lack of upfront costs for a new vehicle. With the price of a new luxury car depreciating 35% to 40% in the first three years, picking up a pre-owned model lessens the blow a bit by shifting the majority of a vehicle’s depleted value onto the original owner.”

In other words, it’s simply a great time to come check out these used luxury cars here at Mama’s. Whether you’re looking for something a bit bigger like a luxury crossover or simply looking for a sexy and stylish sedan, we know we’ve got exactly what you need here in our inventory, so come visit us today.

Great Used Luxury Car

The Cars with the Best Value

2012 Toyota Prius

2012 Toyota Prius

An expert independent automotive organization released its list of cars that offer the best value. For the first time in four years, the Honda Fit is no longer at the top of the list.

The organization chose the Toyota Prius as the car with the best value because it offers reliability, low cost of ownership and popularity. The editors also liked the great driving experience, fuel economy and interior design. Continue reading

Top 10 researched new and used cars in 2012

2012 Honda Civic Coupe

According to a leading car research organization, the Honda Civic was the mos researched used car in 2012.

A leading car research company has released its annual list of the Top 10 Most Researched New and Used Cars. SUVs and sedans dominated the lists for 2012 as did foreign automakers like Honda and Toyota.

The internet has become the leading resource for car buyers to find information about vehicles. Consumers look at everything from independent test scores and reliability ratings to reviews conducted by owners and car research organizations.  Continue reading

10 Cars for Older Drivers (Part 2)

With comfort being the most important factor for Mama and other older drivers, Kiplinger searched out the best medium-height cars that allow for a customizable drive through features like a tilt-and-telescoping steering wheel and adjustable-height driver’s seat. Mama also needs to see where she’s going, so many of the cars feature backup cameras and reverse sensors to help.

This is the second part of the list. You can read the first part here.

6)      Toyota Avalon – It’s like driving on a cloud. The Avalon offers a Driver Seat Memory option, large dash controls, navigation system, and backup monitor.

7)      Honda Odyssey EX-L – Not only can the Odyssey fit your grandkids comfortably, it has a low step-in height, push buttons for almost everything, a smooth ride, and high safety ratings.

8)      Chrysler 300C – This one takes Mama back to the good ol’ days. With a fantastic style and big, clean dashboard, I’m reminded of those long, sweet nights at the drive-in…..… where was I? Oh, yeah. The Chrysler 300C also offers heated seats, rearview camera, and adjustable pedals and steering wheel. Additional packages include forward collision warning and cross-path detection.

9)      Lexus RX 350 – Style, luxury, and comfort – all in one package. Adjustable by the touch of a button, the driver’s seat slides automatically to make entering and exiting hassle-free.

10)      Mercedes-Benz E350 – This car is comfort and safety wrapped in one luxurious package. It’s an IIHS Top Safety Pick; it has a 14-way adjustable seat; and it has a standard Attention Assist system.

10 Cars for Older Drivers (Part 1)

Finding a car for you young whippersnappers in your 50s, 60s, and 70s can be a daunting task. The vehicle has to be perfect – not so small that you struggle to fit in it and not so big you either cannot control it or cannot get in it in the first place.

With comfort being the most important factor for Mama and other older drivers, Kiplinger searched out the best medium-height cars that allow for a customizable drive through features like a tilt-and-telescoping steering wheel and adjustable-height driver’s seat. Mama also needs to see where she’s going, so many of the cars feature backup cameras and reverse sensors to help us older drivers. Continue reading

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Check out the Pre-Owned Clearance at Mama’s Used Cars. Featured used models for this month include a 2009 Ford F-150, a 2008 Ford Expedition, 2009 Lexus IS, and a 2003 Mazda MPV. There are more special discounts on the below list of great used cars.  Please come in to Mama’s Used Cars or call 800-261-0069 for details. These offers end on 10/18.