Top Five Best Used Cars For Road Trips

It’s summer, and for many of us, that means it’s time for a nice family vacation. If you are looking for a used car before you can go, though, these are the best used cars for road trips.


Toyota Camry

As a mid-size sedan, the Toyota Camry is small enough to get excellent fuel economy while also being big enough to accommodate the whole family and their cargo. Even older models of the Toyota Camry get an EPA-estimated highway mpg over 30, so you won’t have to fuel up as often on long trips.


Honda Accord

Honda is a popular choice for any driver looking for a reliable used car, but out of all of them we had to choose the Accord. With the Honda Accord, drivers get everyday comfort as well as fun, engaging performance. It also has the added bonus of excellent fuel economy.


Chevrolet Impala

While its full-size sedan design means that the Chevrolet Impala doesn’t get as much mileage as the other options on the list, it also means that the Impala is safe and accommodating. Industry critics describe the Impala’s ride as “luxurious,” so you’ll be traveling in style.


Hyundai Sonata

The Sonata offers a value-packed vehicle with generous trunk space for its segment. It’s also affordable and provides an efficient, sporty drive, with a comfortable and accommodating second row.


Ford Fusion

For those lovers of the Blue Oval, the Ford Fusion provides a versatile and practical family sedan that’s safe, economical, and fun to drive, due to its low starting price tag, good trunk space, and good performance.

best used cars for road trips

If you find that you are still undecided, of course, you can always just come down to Mama’s Used Cars, and we will help you find something to your liking.

2006-2009 Ford Fusion Named POV of 2011 by WheelsTV

A group of WheelsTV writers and analysts met with members of the New England Motor Press Association to discuss what used vehicle has been the best in 2011. Based on reliability, affordability, styling, and fuel economy, the group had declared the 2006-2009 model of the Ford Fusion as the winner of their award, the Pre-Owned Vehicle of the Year. A vehicle must be in service for at least two years and has had remarkable reliability and consumer satisfaction to qualify for the award.

WheelsTV tests many pre-owned vehicles in creating video reviews for consumers. The reviews help used car buyers choose the most dependable, affordable, safe, and comfortable vehicles to suit their interests. Reliability data, model year milestones, crash test ratings and recall information is all considered when choosing the winner of the Pre-Owned Vehicle of the Year.