Mama Knows Best: Reasons to Buy Used Over New

At Mama’s Used Cars in Charleston, South Carolina, customers are treated like family and shown why buying used is often the best decision a shopper can make. There are several different perks to making the savvy decision and purchasing used over new.

Immediately after a new car is driven off the lot, it loses a great portion of its value. By buying used, many users can save thousands of dollars for a car that is essentially the same for only a few thousand more miles on the odometer. Many consumers also never think of the idea that by purchasing a car used, you can often purchase a car that is a higher level of luxury for nearly the same cost as an average new car. 

There are several concerns that arise from purchasing a car used, but you can let your mind be at ease. One problem that arises is the idea that you will have to pay for a used car upfront, but in many instances it is actually easier to get financing on a used car due to the lower price. You may even be able to receive a car with no money down, instead opting for monthly payments.

Consumers also worry about the history and condition of the vehicle they are purchasing. The history of the car is easily tracked online so you can see exactly who has owned your car in the past, any kind of accidental damage and repairs, and the current condition of the car. Dealers are often very picky about the product they place in their lots. Dealerships have strict inspection processes to ensure that every vehicle driving off their lots are in the best possible condition.

In most cases, the decision to buy used is the best fiscal decision a consumer can make. And buying your car used at Mama’s Used Cars is no different. With a variety of specials and deals with no fine print or hidden fees, Mama makes you feel at home during your car buying experience, contributing to your peace of mind.

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