Local Attorney Gives Used Car Buying Advice

A local attorney appeared on the “Lowcountry Live!” segment of the local channel 4 news.  David Aylor gives tips on how not to be scammed when buying a used car.  He speaks about the “as is” and lemon laws, and provides steps to take to make sure you are purchasing a quality car.

To watch the video click here.

Here is the  release from WCIV:

CHARLESTON, SC (WCIV)—This week on Trial Tuesday, Charleston attorney David Aylor gave us the low down on used cars and how you can be an informed consumer when it comes to purchasing a used vehicle.

It would seem common sense, but first things first.  Make sure that you are purchasing the car from a reputable source.  If you are planning to buy it from a friend or family member, its your job to make sure the regular maintenance has been performed on the car.  Maybe take it for a test drive and be sure there are no weird noises; that it drives ok, and that all the major parts inside the vehicle work.  He says that you also want to make sure that you understand the “as is” laws as they are stated in South Carolina.  Understanding the law when it comes to purchasing used cars is your defense when it comes to getting your money back if something shady were to occur.

For more legal advice on how to protect yourself when it comes to used car sales, watch the complete David Aylor interview at the top of the Lowcountry Live page.

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