Dog Honks Horn for 15 Minutes While Waiting for Owner

If you thought that dog barking outside for a couple minutes until its pet parent let it inside was annoying, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet. Check out this viral video of a dog left alone inside a car who was fed up with her slowpoke guardian taking too much time in an art gallery and reportedly climbed into the front seat and honked the horn for 15 to 20 minutes.

The dog, named Fern, is an 18-month-old Boxer living with her guardians, Graham Haddow and his wife, in Dundee, Scotland. Haddow had left for only a short time when Fern clambered into the front and began to lay on the horn. It wasn’t long before onlookers whipped out their cell phones and circled around the car to take pictures and videos.

When Haddow returned from the art shop and saw people surrounding his car, he was incredibly concerned. But when he realized everyone was laughing and that his dog was just putting on a show, he felt a lot better, although he has now determined to block the front seat from Fern the next time they go on an outing together.

Has your dog ever honked your horn or done anything else silly in your car? Share your story with Mama’s Used Cars by leaving a comment below!

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