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Safest Used Cars

Safe Drivers Are Happy Drivers

One of the great advantages of shopping for a used car is saving tons of money on a great vehicle. But just because a vehicle sports a cheaper price tag doesn’t mean it’s going to be a death trap. Here at Mama’s Used Cars, we strive to fill our inventory with the safest used cars on the market—and sell those great vehicles to you at affordable prices.

The safest used vehicles tend to be mid-size and full-size vehicles, which gives even more credence to the SUV and crossover boom of the last few years. According to a safety study released by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, vehicles like the Honda Odyssey, Subaru Legacy, and Toyota Highlander all scored a death rate of zero. You can’t get much safer than that.

If you’re looking for a more upscale vehicle, the Audi A4, Volvo XC90, and Mercedes-Benz GL class also recorded death rates of zero. “The rise in the number of vehicles with zero driver deaths shows what’s possible,” said David Zuby, the IIHS executive vice president. Come see us at Mama’s Used Cars and find your next car, a car that will keep you and everyone around you safe for years to come.

Safest Cars for Teenagers

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Safest used cars for teen drivers are found at Mama’s Used Cars!

Top Five Safest Cars for Teenage Drivers

When you purchase your teenager’s first car, not only do you want to ensure that your vehicle is reliable, but you also want to ensure your child will remain safe out on the road. To make the choice of vehicle easier for you, Mama’s Used Cars has compiled a list of the safest cars for teenage drivers. The cars on our list combine the ability to handle well in emergency maneuvers with a variety of safety features that are sure to keep your teenager safer than any other vehicle.

2009-2012 Chevrolet Malibu

The Chevrolet Malibu is comfortable, quiet, and offers a simple, yet sophisticated interior that is sure to appeal to drivers of any age. Responsive handling and precise steering makes it easy to stay in control of the car, while the straightforward controls ensure your teens won’t be distracted when fiddling with the radio.

2009-2011 Ford Focus

Not only does the Focus offer a compact size, but it is also fun to drive. The vehicle offers both a good view down the road and amazing, hands-free connectivity options. It also gets a respectful 29 mpg combined, making it easy for your teenager to afford gas!

2010-2012 Ford Fusion

If you are looking for a roomy interior with simple controls, the Fusion is your number one pick. It offers responsive handling and Sync Bluetooth connectivity with voice commands. This means your teen won’t have to take his or her hands off the wheel or eyes off the road.

2006-2014 Hyundai Sonata

Comfort, silence, and luxury are the three words that come to mind with the Hyundai Sonata. Not only does the Sonata have a soft ride, but it also offers soft seats and straightforward controls. If you are looking to spoil your teen without going too overboard, the Sonata is your top choice!

2010-2011 Kia Soul

Funky styling, fuel efficiency, and a fun-to-drive ride are all aspects of the Kia Soul that make it the perfect car for a teenager. The safety features are abundant, as well, with Kia’s UVO connection system enabling hands-free calling and the upright driving position offering a clear view of the road.

If you are interested in checking out the top five safest cars for teenage drivers, don’t hesitate to stop in to Mama’s Used Cars today!

Reasons Why a Used Car Is a Good Buy

If you are in the beginning of your car shopping process and still waffling between whether you should buy used or new, perhaps we at Mama’s Used Cars can offer some insight as to why a used car is a good buy.

  1. Depreciation: When you buy a new car, you will lose a sizeable chunk of your financial investment to the vehicle’s decrease in value. That decrease begins as soon as the car leaves the lot and continues through the first couple years of the vehicle’s life. If you buy a used vehicle, you get to skip the initial bulk of that decrease in value.
  2. Reliability: New cars often offer new-fangled technology and engineering that seems appealing. However, if you purchase a used vehicle, there’s a much greater chance the kinks have been worked out of that cutting-edge technology, leaving you with a much more reliable product. That’s what we call letting someone else be the guinea pig.
  3. Interest Rates: Not only is the purchase price of a used vehicle less than buying the fresh-off-the-assembly-line model, but it’s likely your interest rates for a loan will be lower as well. The same can be true for your insurance, providing monthly savings that will add up over time.

Remember, buying used isn’t synonymous with “clunker.” In fact, most people likely won’t be able to tell the difference—except for you and your wallet. Happy shopping; we hope to see you here at Mama’s soon!

Car Cleaning Tips That’ll Increase Your Vehicle’s Resale Value

Car Cleaning Tips That’ll Increase Your Vehicle’s Resale Value

Besides making your car look nice, cleaning the interior and exterior can also increase the resale value of your car. That’s why we’ve put together a list of car cleaning tips to ensure that your car is worth every penny.

Start on the inside and move to the outside, so as to avoid dragging water and soap into the recently-cleaned interior. Electrostatic dust cloths are great for cleaning, and can be used to wipe everything down—from the dash to the doors—with a simple all-purpose cleaning. For no-streak windows, try a solution of one part white vinegar to two parts water.

According to Popular Mechanics, one of the best ways to keep that new car smell is to get a portable compressor and really blow the dust and dirt out of heating and AC ductwork. High-pressure air will dislodge anything behind vent grilles that causes musty odor.

As for the exterior, it’s important to always rinse your car before washing it. This will help activate any soap you have, as well as remove dirt and grime that could scratch your pain while scrubbing. Last but not least, dry your car with towels as soon as you’re done to avoid water spots.

Used Car Prices Remain Low Heading into 2015

Used Car Prices Remain Low Heading into 2015

Used Car Prices Remain Low Heading into 2015 – This 2013 Ford Edge is available at Mama’s Used Cars!

If your New Year’s Resolution was to get yourself or your family a new vehicle, then make sure to check out the used car market. As you know, you can buy a year-old model for a steep discount compared to how much the newest model would cost. Plus, used car prices continue to fall here in the early days of 2015. In fact, there were eight straight months of falling used car prices at the end of 2014, culminating in December, when prices were lower than ever.

You’ll find low prices especially in full-line automakers like Ford, Dodge, Hyundai, Volkswagen, Buick, and more. Our advice: maybe avoid the luxury brands right now. Obviously, the used models are still cheaper than the new models, but luxury car prices keep rising even while the rest of the used car market sees huge price drops.

To learn more about the used car market—and to check out some of these low prices we just mentioned, come see us here at Mama’s Used Cars and check out our inventory. We’re sure there is something for you here, no matter who you are and what your needs, and it’s a lot cheaper than usual—so come see us right away.

Toyota Prius is Best-Selling Used Car in Month of December

Toyota Prius is Best-Selling Used Car in Month of December

If you’re looking to get your hands on a nice used Toyota Prius this winter, make sure you get one while you still can. You see, the Toyota Prius was the best-selling used car this past December, selling faster than any other used car in the United Kingdom this Christmas season. Of course, the Prius is a hot ticket over here in the States as well, and will probably continue to be so into the new year.

So again, if you’re looking to save money on one of the older models of the archetypal hybrid, you’ll need to stay on your toes. You can come visit us here at Mama’s Used Cars for more information on the Prius, and check out our own selection. The demand for the Prius is not surprising; even with gas prices falling, extremely efficient cars like the Prius remain a valuable commodity.

In fact, those lower gas prices might even further people’s interest in the cars, as it’s just one more way to keep your fuel costs low and your efficiency high this holiday season, no matter how much travel you’ve got in front of you. The Prius really never had a bad year, so whatever model you find, you’ll be getting great value for your money. So come see us at Mama’s to learn more today!

Affordable AWD Models are Easier to Find than You Think

Affordable AWD Models are Easier to Find than You Think

Even though we don’t get much snow during the wintertime, we here at Mama’s Used Cars recognize the importance of a vehicle’s handling and features like AWD. This relatively recent innovation is different than 4WD because it sends power to each individual wheel as it needs it, drastically increasing performance.

On the downside, AWD can get expensive – so we’ve put together a list of affordable AWD models using the NY Daily News as our guide:

First on our list is the 2001 Jeep Cherokee. This model was the envy of off-road enthusiasts everywhere. With a tall ride height and square body, this model features a famous inline six-cylinder engine and incredibly durability. The Cherokee has incredible handling thanks to its AWD, and won’t cost a fortune.

Number two on our list is the 2008 Honda CR-V. This model is newer than the Cherokee, and features a 2.4-liter inline four-cylinder engine that gets 25 mpg highway. Not only that but they’re affordable, reliable, and safe thanks to its innovative AWD system.

Last but not least, the 2012 Ford Escape. Whether you’re driving in dunes, near the mountains, or on the highway, the Escape has some of the best handling for the job thanks to its AWD system. Though they come standard with FWD, AWD models are available. Not only do they handle well, look great, and drive smoothly, the Escape is affordable as well.

Stop by to check out any of these models and their AWD systems and see what you’ve been missing.

When to Sell Your Used Car

When to Sell Your Used Car

It’s that time of year again—carmakers are rolling out their brand new models and it’s making you wonder if it’s time for you to finally sell your old car. If you’re having difficulty deciding on when to sell your used car, we have some tips for you that are sure to make it a bit easier in the long run! You should sell your used car…

Before your car hits a significant mileage amount. The amount of mileage that your car has can greatly affect the price you will get when you sell. For some odd reason, a car with 195,000 miles sells for more than a car with 200,001.

If your car is more than one generation behind the current model. Every few years, models are completely redesigned as they enter a new generation. If your car’s model is about to come out with a second new design, it’s likely that your style will begin to look really old in comparison. Try and sell your car before a new style comes out.

After a decade has passed since it was new. Remember when you first bought your 2000 model and it felt brand new? Now, it probably feels decrepit compared to the current models that are full of cutting-edge technologies and luxurious features. While it’s a great idea to hold onto your car as long as possible, selling it after the 10-year-mark is usually the best idea if you want to get a decent amount of money for your vehicle.

If you take these tips on when to sell your used car into consideration, it’s likely you will get the best deal possible. To get a great trade-in deal or to purchase your next used car, make sure you stop in to Mama’s Used Cars today!

BMW X5 and X6 Engineering Dominated the LA Auto Show

BMW X5 and X6 Engineering Dominated the LA Auto Show

Check out this BMW available at Mama’s Used Cars now!

Here at Mama’s Used Cars, we can’t get enough of the new BMWs that premiered at the LA Auto Show this year. Demonstrating BMW’s diverse design and engineering, the BMW X5 and X6 were the highlights of the show.

The BMW X5 and X6 engineering is phenomenal, incorporating innovative new technologies and features everywhere on the models. Both feature an M TwinPower Turbo V8 which generates over 575 hp and incredible torque. Both models also come standard with an eight-speed Steptronic transmission with Drivelogic, which carries them from 0-62 mph in 4.2 seconds flat.

BMW commented by saying: “Unfazed by any weather or road conditions, thrillingly dynamic on the race track – the BMW X5 M and BMW X6 M are purpose-designed for exceptional driving experiences.”

Both the X5 and X6 feature the iconic BMW split grille, sharp lines on the headlights, and subtly flared fenders. Dynamic steering radically improves steering and the torsion-stiff body optimizes the revolutionary suspension.

Mama’s Used Cars has a great selection of used BMWs on our lot now so you can experience top notch technology for yourself.

Come Get Your Next Used Vehicle from Us before Christmas

Come Get Your Next Used Vehicle from Us before Christmas

If you’re daydreaming about what to do with that upcoming holiday bonus, here at Mama’s Used Cars we’ve got a great idea for you: bring it here and get yourself a great deal on your next used vehicle! We promise we aren’t just pandering; it really is a great time of year to buy a used car.

You don’t just have to take our word for it, either: An article on CBS News detailed why right now is a great time to buy a used car. “The last quarter of 2014 will be a great time to get a good deal on a used car,” the article quoted senior analyst Michelle Krebs of as saying. Used compact cars, midsize sedans, and even crossover vehicles will all be some of the most affordable and valuable segments to look into this winter.

We have many cars in each of those segments here at Mama’s, and we’re simply dying for a chance to show you our entire inventory. Come see us to find the perfect deal on your next used car, truck, or SUV today.