The Truth about Gas-Saving Myths

When it comes to saving gas, every last person seem to have an opinion. The truth is, some of the common ‘gas-saving’ tips we’ve learned to cherish, just don’t make a difference. Here is our list of things you can stop worrying about, today.

  1. Buy a smaller car. To be fair, this used to be true, but today’s efficient, and even electric and hybrid SUVs, makes it is possible for a big vehicle to be more efficient than a smaller one. Bigger really can be better.
  2. Manual transmissions are more efficient. Again, this may have been true at one time, but improvements to automatic transmission design and construction mean the fuel use is now often about the same.
  3. Higher grade fuel goes further. This is not necessarily true – unless your car specifically designed to use high-grade gas, you’re wasting money on the premium fuel.
  4. Topping off your tank. In reality, the gas nozzle automatically shuts off when your tank is full, so any additional gas you try to add may be drawn into a vapor recovery system and back into the station’s storage tanks.
  5. Keep the tank half full. Some people think that never letting the gas level drop below half a tank will prevent evaporation inside the tank. The truth is that cars today are designed to keep fuel vapors in the tank, so that they can be burned by the engine.

Many of us continue to do some of things out of habit, or just don’t know any different. The truth is, you don’t have to panic if your fuel tank drops to a quarter of a tank. Check out for even more gas-saving myths de-bunked.

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 Gas-saving myths

Ed Begley’s Toyota RAV4 EV Up for Sale on eBay

Ed Begley, Jr.’s list of roles is a lengthy one. You might know him from is Emmy-nominated character on St. Elsewhere or maybe as one of the dead drummers in This Is Spinal Tap. Maybe you’ve even seen him on Arrested Development, Six Feet Under, or the ever-popular cult-favorite, Battlestar Galactica. He’s also known for his work off-screen as an environmental activist. The list goes on and on and has grown to include yet another role—eBay user.

Over the past several decades, Begley has worked to help improve our environment. He’s got his own line up environmentally friendly cleaning products and is even in a long-standing rivalry with Bill Nye—yes, that Bill Nye—to see who can have the lowest carbon footprint. Because of this, Begley’s been driving a Toyota RAV4 EV around since 2002—a car that is now up for auction on eBay.

With 119,000 miles on it and a battery that was replaced in 2011, Ed Begley’s Toyota should have a good amount of gusto left in it. The car is white with a charcoal interior with a bit of wear and tear, but nothing that isn’t normal for a car with over 100,000 miles on it. Begley has even offered to autograph the cabin’s ceiling for you and you will be able to meet with him in person!

Currently, the bids have reached $13,655 for the car, which originally sold for $42,000. Talk about a great deal!

For more information, check out Begley’s eBay page.

Ed Begley’s Toyota

Toyota RAV4 EV

Surprising Your Graduate with a New Vehicle

So you purchased a used vehicle from Mama’s for your graduate to honor a job well done, and now you’re wondering how you should give it to him or her. Receiving a car as a gift is no small matter, and it requires a super special plan to surprise the graduate. There are so many ways to go about this stealthy task, but here are a few of our favorites:New Vehicle

Drive Yourself

This is the classic way to gift your graduate with a car, but there are several ways to put a spin on it. We suggest heading to dinner at a nice restaurant, but you’ll need to bring the whole family and maybe a few friends. Whoever comes along, the car you drive to the restaurant should be full. After the meal, tell the graduate you have to unexpectedly give a friend a ride, so there’s no longer any room for him in the car. When he protests, asking how he’s supposed to get home, toss him the keys and say, “You’ll just have to drive yourself!”

Scavenger Hunt

For the ultra creative surprise planner, take your graduate down memory lane as you send her on a scavenger hunt. Lead her to clues that will remind her of how hard she’s worked to graduate and the good times you’ve both had along the way. Attach the keys to the final clue and see how quickly she races to find what the vehicle they unlock.

Hide in Plain Sight

If your graduate is expecting to receive a car, wait until he starts to rethink that idea. As friends and family members stop by to celebrate, have one family member drive his car to the house. Park it with the other vehicles, so your graduate doesn’t pay special attention to it. Once the cards and gifts are opened and the party is starting to wind down, have someone re-park your graduate’s new vehicle in the driveway and ring the doorbell. Send the graduate to open the door where he’ll be greeted by his new car, now marked with a bright red bow. He’ll be shocked it’s been right in front of him the whole time.

Have you ever been surprised with a new-to-you vehicle? Tell us your story in the comments below!