Top 10 researched new and used cars in 2012

2012 Honda Civic Coupe

According to a leading car research organization, the Honda Civic was the mos researched used car in 2012.

A leading car research company has released its annual list of the Top 10 Most Researched New and Used Cars. SUVs and sedans dominated the lists for 2012 as did foreign automakers like Honda and Toyota.

The internet has become the leading resource for car buyers to find information about vehicles. Consumers look at everything from independent test scores and reliability ratings to reviews conducted by owners and car research organizations.  Continue reading

Road Trip Games for Children

Road Trip Games

If only family road trips were always this peaceful… (Photo courtesy emrank via Flickr)

With the Christmas holiday fast approaching, it is time for parents to plan ways to keep their kids occupied during long travel including road trip games.

When Mama was a wee one, she did not have a fancy DVD-player to watch or Nintendo DS to play, so she resorted to some of the following road trip games. They do not require the latest technology, only a little wit and a keen eye. Continue reading

Edmunds readers choose Best Off-Roaders

For the participants in the latest Edmunds Consumers’ Favorites poll, the amount of mud on their vehicle isn’t an eye-sore, it’s a trophy of the fun they just had. The dirtier, the better. The results are in, and here is the list of the seven Best Off-Roaders, as chosen by Edmunds readers. Continue reading

CarMD shares top ten most reliable cars

2010 Toyota Corolla

Each year, CarMD studies the reliability of cars by looking at “check engine” problems, repairs and other related costs. CarMD then compiles the data in what it calls the CarMD Vehicle Health Index. This data shows consumers car maintenance and repair trends and patterns as well as the most reliable cars on sale in the past 10 years. Continue reading