10 Most Popular Used Cars

Here are the top 10 most popular used cars.  These results are based on Cars.com tracked e-mail requests to dealers and private sellers.

1. Honda AccordFord has been building F-series pickup trucks for a half-century. The four-door Crew Cab came out in 2000. <a href="http://www.cars.com/for-sale/searchresults.action?rd=30&mkNm=Ford&aff=chitrib&zc=60601&stkTyp=U&prMn=0&mdNm=F150" target="_new">Ford F-150 trucks for sale</a>
2. Honda Civic
3. Ford F-150
4. Ford Mustang
5. Toyota Camry
6. Toyota Carolla
7. Jeep Grand Cherokee
8. Jeep Wrangler
9. Nissan Altima
10. Chevrolet Tahoe

Click the links to see if Mama’s Used Cars has the particular model in stock. If not, then the link will automatically take you to the other vehicles of the same make that Mama’s does have in stock.

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