Fall Road Trip Destinations

Fall Road Trips

October is one of our favorite months at Mama’s Used Cars, and for a very good reason. October means fall, and fall means wind blowing through colorful leaves, cool temperatures, pumpkin-flavored drinks, and maybe even a road trip to some of the most beautiful places the country has to offer.

But where to go on a fall road trip when you’re from South Carolina? Most people don’t equate the mid-Atlantic region with premium foliage viewing, but most people would be wrong. At 6,684 feet, Mt. Mitchell is the highest mountain in the eastern USA, and the surrounding Pisgah National Forest makes for excellent viewing.

Another great opportunity for a leafy road trip is a drive through waterfall country on US Route 276, or anywhere along the Blue Ridge Parkway that stretches from Virginia to North Carolina.

Finally, there’s Shenandoah National Park in Virginia, Gambrill and Cunningham Falls state parks in Maryland, and Sideling Hill on Interstate 68. Though if you’re willing to drive much further, the whole country has many more sights to offer!

It’s October in Charleston and There’s So Much to Do!

It’s October in Charleston and There’s So Much to Do!

Just because the summer is coming to an end in Charleston doesn’t mean that the city is going to sleep, too. There are still plenty of events throughout the month of October that you can look forward to!

Charleston is known for its arts and music, and autumn is a time of rebirth and exhibition for the local art scene. The Colour of Music festival is an ongoing event celebrates black classical musicians. Twenty performances will be held at multiple locations in Charleston, starting October 17th.

If you would like to have fun while giving back to the community, Middleton Place also has a charity event for breast cancer research this year during their Fall Wine Strolls. A portion of all Wednesday proceeds will be donated. It lasts until the 29th of October.

Last, there’s the fall festival , which lasts the whole month of October. Games, activities, events and more will be featured during the festival. The highlights are, of course, the pumpkin patch and the two Chick-Fil-A corn mazes.

Mama’s Used Cars is excited for all the wonderful things going on in Charleston this fall, but the best thing of all will be the great deals on fantastic vehicles that we will be hosting all month!

Best Deal on Longest-Lasting Used Cars

The Ford Taurus was listed as one of the longest lasting used cars according to Forbes

For some people, the most valuable aspect of a car is how much it costs and its durability.  More than what it looks like, how fast it is or its fuel efficiency, the most pressing question in the minds of such consumers is: how much is it and how long will it last?

Using data from iSeeCars.com, Forbes has put together a list of the longest-lasting used cars that sell below market value.  Statisticians from iSeeCars.com analyzed 30 million used car ads over a year period and found which models between 1981 and 2010 had over 200,000 miles on them.  They then checked this data against data showing which vehicles were selling consistently 10% below their market value.

Coming in third place was the Toyota Camry (no surprise to see this extremely popular midsize sedan on the list).  The Nissan Maxima came in second place, while first place honors went to the Ford Taurus.

Of course, you can find those and other great used cars at Mama’s Used Cars!

Great Used Luxury Car Options under $30,000

Great Used Luxury Cars available at Mama's Used Cars - 2010 LINCOLN MKX

This 2010 LINCOLN MKX is available for $25,900 at Mama’s Used Cars!

If you’re starting to think about purchasing your next vehicle, whether it’s a reward for finishing the first half of a great year or you’re looking to upgrade your family’s ride, don’t overlook the used car market. While the new car market has finally picked up the pace this year, the used car market has simply been on fire for a long time now. So, when you start looking around for that new vehicle, make sure to come check out our inventory here at Mama’s Used Cars.

It’s’ not like our lineup is full of clunkers, either. The Street recently released a list of great used luxury car options, many of which are available here at Mama’s and all of which are currently priced at under $30,000. Jason Notte explains some of the advantages of buying a used luxury car: “The price is a fairly obvious lure, but so is the lack of upfront costs for a new vehicle. With the price of a new luxury car depreciating 35% to 40% in the first three years, picking up a pre-owned model lessens the blow a bit by shifting the majority of a vehicle’s depleted value onto the original owner.”

In other words, it’s simply a great time to come check out these used luxury cars here at Mama’s. Whether you’re looking for something a bit bigger like a luxury crossover or simply looking for a sexy and stylish sedan, we know we’ve got exactly what you need here in our inventory, so come visit us today.

Forbes Selects Charleston as a Great Urban Weekend Escape

Charleston, South Carolina Destination

In a recent article, Forbes confirmed what those of us who live here in Charleston already know: Charleston is one of the best destinations in the country. As part of a series on “Great Urban Weekend Escapes,” Forbes contributor Larry Olmstead urges readers to spend a long weekend in South Carolina’s oldest city, writing that “everyone seems to be in love with Charleston these days, and in recent years the city has been awash in awards and accolades.”

Those awards include being named the Number One US City by readers of Conde Nast Traveler for three consecutive years, and readers of Travel + Leisure for two straight. What makes our city so great? In short, great Southern cuisine, beautiful beaches, elite hotels and gold courses, traditional historic charm and fantastic people.

South Carolina, of course, is also your destination for great deals at Mama’s Used Cars. Forbes notes that Charleston has also been repeatedly ranked as America’s friendliest city, something you are sure to agree with when you come check out the friendly service offered here at Mama’s.

Ford Heavy Duty Trucks Take On Ram

Ford Heavy Duty at Mama's Used Cars

Competition is the lifeblood of our American economy, and it’s hard to find a market that is more competitive than the auto industry. The recent heavy-duty truck battle between Ford and Ram is one instance that certainly comes to mind.

When customers come to shop for a truck at Mama’s Used Cars, they usually want something that can reliably tow a lot of weight. Previously, Ford had claimed that its F-450 could tow up to 31,200 pounds, which is 1,200 more than the Ram 3500. However, Ram criticized Ford for using internal towing standards rather than the SAE J2807 standards.

Ford listened and came back with the new numbers—or rather, the same numbers. Even under the J2807 standards, the F-450 maximum tow rating still stood at 31,200 pounds. We’re actually really impressed. In addition, Ford said that it would henceforth revise the way it calculates payload by using base curb weight rather than minimum curb weight.

Ultimately, because of their efforts to get to the top, customers are getting the best out of truck makers. The system works!

Used Car Market has Remained Hearty

Used Car Market has Remained Hearty

“Very few people realize used car sales are probably three times bigger than the new car industry sales” said Sandy Schwartz, president of Cox Automotive, a subsidiary of Cox Enterprises.

The used car market has remained hearty over the last five years due to the tight supply of pre-owned vehicles. It is difficult to find models manufactured in 2010 because during the recession, automakers built fewer vehicles, along with there being an extremely low demand for new cars.

“We are going to have so many cars coming to the marketplace and I think people will find better deals,” Schwartz said. “That will fuel [a] strong pre-owned car market, I believe, for the next four or five years” she says. This is a solid prediction considering models from 2011 and 2012 are already popping up at dealerships.

“While sales of used vehicles have long outpaced new vehicle sales, demand is increasingly being driven by people who want certified pre-owned models. These vehicles have been inspected by dealers, often have fewer miles and usually come with a warranty that extends for several years” reports Yahoo News. Read more here. Get a great deal today at Mama’s Used Cars!

Three Awesome Reliable Used Cars, Trucks, And SUVs For Under $10,000


Reliable Used Cars

The average age of vehicles on the road today are 11.4 years old, thus making the used car market highly successful and profitable. While it may be tempting to splurge on a shiny new car, there are plenty of reliable used cars around 10 years old that you can buy for under $10,000. Here is a list of 3 small to mid-sized vehicles from 2005 that fit the bill.

The Honda Civic is a prime choice, whether buying new or used. It gets up to 35-mpg on the highway and stacks up with the same fuel efficiency of modern hybrid models. You can snag your own for around $7,500.

With the Toyota Camry’s safety and great mileage they are currently the world’s best-selling car, the fifth generation has been just as big of a hit. Getting up to 26-mpg highway, models in good condition can go for around $9,000.

Last but not least, the Mazda6 Wagon is a sporty midsize car that is incredibly spacious, attractive, and fun to drive. Getting about 25-mpg on the highway, this versatile midsized car can be found listed for around $7,000.

Check out our available Honda, Toyota, and Mazda models at mamasusedcars.com today!

Choosing the Perfect Used Car for Your Teenager

Starting the search for the perfect used car for your teenager can be a daunting task. After all, there are so many factors to think about. Price. Safety. Reliability. Fuel efficiency. Where should you begin? Well, if you’d like our humble opinion here at Mama’s Used Cars, you should begin simply by making a list. Write down all the things you want out of a used car—and then start narrowing down your search based on all those factors.

A recent Consumer Reportssurvey might be helpful here. The survey results advised against buying a teenager an older, larger vehicle, for two reasons: the more people in the vehicle, the more likely a crash and, plus, those older vehicles are just generally not as safe as today’s advanced models. Look especially for vehicles that feature Electronic Stability Control, anti-lock brakes, and an extensive system of protective airbags.

The survey also suggested that parents shy away from sports cars and pickups. But don’t worry—even with all those restrictions, there’s still plenty of great cars for teens to choose from here at Mama’s. Come see us today, bring your teen, and we’ll find a great first car for your son or daughter today. They’ll tell the story to their own kids someday in the future, perhaps while explaining why a hovercar isn’t a good choice for a first car.

Perfect Used Car

New Plan for Vehicle-to-Vehicle Communication System

Vehicle to Vehicle Communication System coming soon!

Auto shoppers are always looking for new features and technology in their vehicles to make them safer.  Those following trends of the market will be happy to hear about the new vehicle-to-vehicle communication system (V2V) currently under development.

US auto safety regulators have spent more than a decade researching car-to-car communications. Now, they have revealed their new plan requiring cars to have V2V systems that will warn drivers of danger.

The system will provide cars with more information than cameras and sensors ever could, like if drivers don’t have enough time to make a left turn or if another car is about to run a red light.

Although the system will cost $341 to $350 per vehicle to install, the technology could save thousands of lives and prevent hundreds of thousands of crashes each year.

Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx said, “Safety is our top priority, and V2V technology represents the next great advance in saving lives. This technology could move us from helping people survive crashes to helping avoid crashes altogether.”

That sounds like music to our ears at Mama’s Used Cars.