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Safest Used Cars

Safe Drivers Are Happy Drivers

One of the great advantages of shopping for a used car is saving tons of money on a great vehicle. But just because a vehicle sports a cheaper price tag doesn’t mean it’s going to be a death trap. Here at Mama’s Used Cars, we strive to fill our inventory with the safest used cars on the market—and sell those great vehicles to you at affordable prices.

The safest used vehicles tend to be mid-size and full-size vehicles, which gives even more credence to the SUV and crossover boom of the last few years. According to a safety study released by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, vehicles like the Honda Odyssey, Subaru Legacy, and Toyota Highlander all scored a death rate of zero. You can’t get much safer than that.

If you’re looking for a more upscale vehicle, the Audi A4, Volvo XC90, and Mercedes-Benz GL class also recorded death rates of zero. “The rise in the number of vehicles with zero driver deaths shows what’s possible,” said David Zuby, the IIHS executive vice president. Come see us at Mama’s Used Cars and find your next car, a car that will keep you and everyone around you safe for years to come.

Safest Cars for Teenagers

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Safest used cars for teen drivers are found at Mama’s Used Cars!

Top Five Safest Cars for Teenage Drivers

When you purchase your teenager’s first car, not only do you want to ensure that your vehicle is reliable, but you also want to ensure your child will remain safe out on the road. To make the choice of vehicle easier for you, Mama’s Used Cars has compiled a list of the safest cars for teenage drivers. The cars on our list combine the ability to handle well in emergency maneuvers with a variety of safety features that are sure to keep your teenager safer than any other vehicle.

2009-2012 Chevrolet Malibu

The Chevrolet Malibu is comfortable, quiet, and offers a simple, yet sophisticated interior that is sure to appeal to drivers of any age. Responsive handling and precise steering makes it easy to stay in control of the car, while the straightforward controls ensure your teens won’t be distracted when fiddling with the radio.

2009-2011 Ford Focus

Not only does the Focus offer a compact size, but it is also fun to drive. The vehicle offers both a good view down the road and amazing, hands-free connectivity options. It also gets a respectful 29 mpg combined, making it easy for your teenager to afford gas!

2010-2012 Ford Fusion

If you are looking for a roomy interior with simple controls, the Fusion is your number one pick. It offers responsive handling and Sync Bluetooth connectivity with voice commands. This means your teen won’t have to take his or her hands off the wheel or eyes off the road.

2006-2014 Hyundai Sonata

Comfort, silence, and luxury are the three words that come to mind with the Hyundai Sonata. Not only does the Sonata have a soft ride, but it also offers soft seats and straightforward controls. If you are looking to spoil your teen without going too overboard, the Sonata is your top choice!

2010-2011 Kia Soul

Funky styling, fuel efficiency, and a fun-to-drive ride are all aspects of the Kia Soul that make it the perfect car for a teenager. The safety features are abundant, as well, with Kia’s UVO connection system enabling hands-free calling and the upright driving position offering a clear view of the road.

If you are interested in checking out the top five safest cars for teenage drivers, don’t hesitate to stop in to Mama’s Used Cars today!

St. Patrick’s Day in Charleston, South Carolina

No matter what your heritage is, everyone can have lots of fun on St. Patrick’s Day. We’re all familiar with the traditions of wearing green, eating Irish food, and drinking as much beer as possible. But if you’re looking for some extra fun on St. Patrick’s Day in Charleston, you are in luck!

Every year in North Charleston there is a St. Patrick’s Day block party and parade. This year, the event will be held on Saturday, March 14th from noon until 7pm. The fun includes three stages of live music, vendors, bouncy castles for the kids, a mechanical bull, Irish food, and beer (naturally).

This year, Charleston will be holding a special event to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with man’s best friend, the St. Paddy’s Pawlooza. On Saturday, March 14th, head to North Charleston Wannamaker County Park with your dog from noon until 4 PM. There will be live music, beer, and food trucks. Be sure to dress both you and your furry friend in your finest green attire. Admission is $5 per person and all dogs must remain on a leash when not inside the off-leash dog park.

And if you didn’t have enough fun on Saturday, right here in Charleston there will be a St. Patrick’s Day parade on March 17th. The festivities for this day start with a Mass at St. Patrick’s Catholic Church at 8am. Then the parade will begin at 10am outside of the church, head down King Street, and end at City Hall with the raising of the Irish flag at approximately 11:30am.

How will you be celebrating this St. Patrick’s Day?

St. Patrick’s Day in Charleston

End of Winter Maintenance Tips to Prepare Your Vehicle for Spring

As winter slowly draws to an end, it may feel like the harshest months of the year for cars are behind us. The unfortunate reality is that all of the snow and ice from winter beats up vehicles over time, so it’s important to conduct a bit of pre-spring maintenance. Here are a few end of winter maintenance tips for your car:

  • Check all fluids, especially those that were used frequently to combat harsh conditions, such as windshield wiper fluid and antifreeze.
  • Inspect both the brake system and the exhaust system, both of which can become worn down over time.
  • Schedule an all-over check-up. It’s important to this frequently, but especially after a particularly tough winter.
  • Make sure all lights are clear and free of winter-gunk, to maintain visibility on the road.

Get these important steps out of the way, and help ensure a safe and enjoyable spring for you and your car.

Winter Maintenance Tips

Some of the Best Beaches on the East Coast

When it comes to beaches on the East Coast, to say there are a lot is a serious understatement. We all have our favorites, but sometimes it’s nice to try something new or mix it up. In the spirit of discovery, we’ve highlighted a few of the best beaches on the East Coast.

If you get a chance, check out Edisto Beach State Park in South Carolina. Fodors describes the beach there as “less costly” and having a “down-home” feel. The park also offers a lush and beautiful forest and marshland.

There’s also Nag’s Head in North Carolina, featuring Coquina Beach. There’s lot for the kiddies to do, like climb the sand dunes in the state park nearby.

In New Jersey, at Cape May, there’s Sunset Beach. Fodors explains how this beach is believed to be the oldest beachfront resort in the country. It’s definitely a National Historic Landmark. One very special feature of Cape May is that “pebbles of pure, rounded quartz” wash up on the shore regularly.

best beaches on the east coast

Reasons Why a Used Car Is a Good Buy

If you are in the beginning of your car shopping process and still waffling between whether you should buy used or new, perhaps we at Mama’s Used Cars can offer some insight as to why a used car is a good buy.

  1. Depreciation: When you buy a new car, you will lose a sizeable chunk of your financial investment to the vehicle’s decrease in value. That decrease begins as soon as the car leaves the lot and continues through the first couple years of the vehicle’s life. If you buy a used vehicle, you get to skip the initial bulk of that decrease in value.
  2. Reliability: New cars often offer new-fangled technology and engineering that seems appealing. However, if you purchase a used vehicle, there’s a much greater chance the kinks have been worked out of that cutting-edge technology, leaving you with a much more reliable product. That’s what we call letting someone else be the guinea pig.
  3. Interest Rates: Not only is the purchase price of a used vehicle less than buying the fresh-off-the-assembly-line model, but it’s likely your interest rates for a loan will be lower as well. The same can be true for your insurance, providing monthly savings that will add up over time.

Remember, buying used isn’t synonymous with “clunker.” In fact, most people likely won’t be able to tell the difference—except for you and your wallet. Happy shopping; we hope to see you here at Mama’s soon!

Traveling with your Furry Friend: Quick Safety Tips for Traveling With a Dog

It’s been a cold winter, and you might be due for a road trip! Break up the monotony of February and enjoy Responsible Pet Owners’ Month by taking your furry friend out on the open road. But be sure to make the wellbeing of your K9 companion a priority. Here are some quick safety tips for traveling with a dog.

Don’t leave home without confirming you have updated shots and ID tags for your best buddy. Also, it’s a great idea to have a current picture of him handy in the unlikely event he gets separated from you.

Make her feel at home. Pack plenty of water and her favorite blanket or toy. But don’t let her wander all over the car as this could cause driver distraction. Either bring a kennel in which she can travel, or purchase a seat belt strap to ensure she is safely secured while traveling.

Be sure to take plenty of rest stops while traveling with your pet. However, while walking in a winter wonderland looks nice, watch out for the ubiquitous road salt and antifreeze puddles. Salt can dry out your dog’s pads, and antifreeze may be a tasty treat for your pet, but is actually as poisonous to dogs as it is to humans. Keep him on a short leash and wash off those feet with water and towels or baby wipes.

Wherever your adventures may take you, we at Mama’s wish all of our readers a safe and happy Responsible Pet Owners’ Month!

tips for traveling with a dog

Car Cleaning Tips That’ll Increase Your Vehicle’s Resale Value

Car Cleaning Tips That’ll Increase Your Vehicle’s Resale Value

Besides making your car look nice, cleaning the interior and exterior can also increase the resale value of your car. That’s why we’ve put together a list of car cleaning tips to ensure that your car is worth every penny.

Start on the inside and move to the outside, so as to avoid dragging water and soap into the recently-cleaned interior. Electrostatic dust cloths are great for cleaning, and can be used to wipe everything down—from the dash to the doors—with a simple all-purpose cleaning. For no-streak windows, try a solution of one part white vinegar to two parts water.

According to Popular Mechanics, one of the best ways to keep that new car smell is to get a portable compressor and really blow the dust and dirt out of heating and AC ductwork. High-pressure air will dislodge anything behind vent grilles that causes musty odor.

As for the exterior, it’s important to always rinse your car before washing it. This will help activate any soap you have, as well as remove dirt and grime that could scratch your pain while scrubbing. Last but not least, dry your car with towels as soon as you’re done to avoid water spots.

Top Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Car Enthusiasts

Top Valentine’s Day Gifts Ideas for Car Enthusiasts

So your partner loves cars almost as much as he or she loves you? You’re in luck! With Mama’s Used Cars’ Valentine’s Day gift ideas, you’ll be able to nurture your significant other’s passion for both!

  • Give her the ultimate racing thrill with an exotic car experience. Most performance enthusiasts dream of getting behind the wheel of a hot supercar and driving it to the limit like in the movies. Places like Cloud 9 Living can give her that unforgettable experience she’s always wanted.
  • Some people want to have fun and others want to better themselves. But why not both? There’s always the option of bringing your car lover to a performance driving school where he can not only indulge in his need for speed but also improve his skill!
  • Get her a new ride… just, you know, not the full-size kind. Even if they’re not drivable, car enthusiasts will always appreciate miniatures—or better yet, building one themselves.
  • If your partner is just as into tinkering with car as they are into driving them, get him some tools for his man-cave/garage! Heck, why not some car-themed decoration, too?

Tips for Cleaning Car Seats

Tips for Cleaning Car Seats

Tips for Cleaning Car Seats

Whether your car has leather or cloth car seats, it’s important to take time to keep them clean – not only so they continue to look good over the long term, but also to improve how they wear and to get rid of nasty bacteria.

Here are our tips for cleaning car seats:


  • Choose a microfiber, terrycloth, or cotton towel (the less lint the better).
  • Choose a cleaner designed specifically for leather, or use two parts water to one part vinegar or a gentle dish soap (like Dawn). Make sure whatever you use does not contain any harsh chemicals, as they can ruin the leather, stripping it of its protective coating and destroying the pigment.
  • Using the cloth and the solution, lightly scrub each part of the seat without soaking it to remove dirt and oils.
  • Finally, use a clean, unused cloth to wipe the seat down, and let the seat dry completely before applying conditioner.
  • Choose a leather-seat conditioner to condition and protect your seats. You can find this in the automotive section of your local store.
  • Use a clean sponge (a kitchen sponge works fine) and apply the conditioner liberally to all areas of the leather seats. Be sure to take time to fully rub the conditioner into the leather. The better it soaks in, the longer it will last.
  • Let your car sit overnight to soak in the conditioner, and wipe the seats down one more time before driving off in the morning.


  • Choose a cleaner made for cloth upholstery. There are plenty of options at your local automotive store, or you can make a homemade solution that costs much less and works just as well. One simple recipe is to mix one part water with one part dishwashing liquid.
  • Mix the ingredients together well, and use a spray bottle to apply to all areas of your cloth upholstered seats.
  • Rub the fabric gently using a soft-bristled brush.
  • Rinse the fabric area using a clean rag and warm water, wiping each area thoroughly and rinsing the rag regularly.
  • Use a microfiber cloth to dry the seats as best you can, and allow the fabric to fully dry overnight.

Here at Mama’s Used Cars, we know that maintaining your car’s seats and interior materials is critical to your vehicle’s resale value. Keep your car looking (and smelling) like new with these simple tips!